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Physiotherapy First is a dynamic multidisciplinary centre that works closely with your family doctor and other healthcare professionals to provide the most complete, up-to-date rehabilitation science and service for you and your family.

We are skilled at offering preventative advice, providing treatment, utilizing rehabilitative techniques, and other care methods to address short-term and long-term impairments. We work with our patients to develop a full treatment plan that suits their unique needs and leads them to better self-care management.


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We aim to provide quality physiotherapy services to the community of Brampton and the surrounding area. We are committed to client-centered services that respect the autonomy and dignity of the recipient and are bound by ethical principles to act with integrity, accountability, and judgment in the best interest of the client.

Each of our Brampton physiotherapists is university-educated, regulated healthcare professional. They also receive ongoing education and training to provide access to the latest physiotherapy techniques and treatments.



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Conditions we treat at Physiotherapy First

At Physiotherapy First, our physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions including:

An essential part of physiotherapy treatments from our physiotherapists is to encourage an active role by our patients in their care and treatment plans. We work with our patients to help them integrate the prescribed treatment plan into their daily lifestyles.

What Can Physiotherapy Treatment Involve?

Physiotherapy involves using various strategies to help our patients restore functioning and achieve their optimal potentials. Our Brampton physiotherapist work in partnership with individuals of all ages to address, identify, and treat potential barriers that could impede overall functioning.

Using this information, our physiotherapist in Brampton work without patients collaboratively to identify their personal goals and objectives while encouraging them to participate in the development of their treatment plans.

Some of the more common physiotherapy treatments we use include:

Manual Therapy

This physiotherapy treatment uses manipulative, hands-on techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, joint manipulation, massage therapy, various connective tissue techniques, mobilization of joints, and mobilization of neural (nerve) tissues. Our physiotherapists and other healthcare providers have and receive continual extensive training in the latest manual therapy techniques and methods.

Exercise Therapy

Patients are given a unique selection of exercises based on their current symptoms and recovery needs. The objective of exercises is to assist in reversing the current limitations, alleviating pain and discomfort, and strengthening the body to reduce the likelihood of future injuries. For patients with chronic conditions, exercise helps reduce the frequency and severity of those conditions. Exercise therapy may also include the use of physical therapy.

Movement Assessment and Analysis

Our Brampton physiotherapists will perform movement assessment and analysis reviews at set intervals. This allows us to take a closer look at the mechanics of your motions and mobility. Our goal is to take the information from the assessment and analysis and apply it to your treatment plan to help reverse any insufficiencies so you can achieve greater range of motion and movement with ease.


Electrotherapy utilizes electrical impulses to help stimulate the muscles, soft tissues, and connective tendons in the affected area. Electrotherapy also helps promotes healing, reducing pain, and treating other types of injuries for faster recovery.

Depending on the therapy used, it can involve electrical or sound waves that help transmit energy into the tissues. This energy helps treat inflammation, heal injuries, control pain, reduce and eliminate scar tissue, and can assist with improving blood flow and circulation into the affected tissues.


An essential component of physiotherapy treatments in Brampton at Physiotherapy First is education. We want to help our patients to become more aware of their conditions, symptoms, causes, and other such impairments. Doing so, makes them feel more involved in their care and treatment plan. Furthermore, our physiotherapists are here to assist our patients throughout their recovery and care with open communications and ongoing collaboration to help our patients achieve their overall goals and objectives.

Pain Management

Another function of physiotherapy is to help our patients with pain management techniques for an improved lifestyle and state of functioning. Regular care can assist with proper posture, methods to use at home to reduce the severity and frequency of pain.

Patients are given a unique selection of exercises based on their current symptoms and recovery needs. The objective of exercises is to assist in reversing the current limitations, alleviating pain and discomfort, and strengthening the body to reduce the likelihood of future injuries.


When you see a physiotherapist in Brampton at Physiotherapy First, they will perform a detailed assessment and evaluation that includes:

  • Your Medical History
  • Current Symptoms
  • Movement Patterns
  • Mobility Issues
  • Range of Motion
  • Strength
  • Reflexes
  • Sensations
  • Pain Level, and More!

They will also review any relevant medical records, surgical notes, laboratory tests, and imaging results. Based on the initial consultation, your physiotherapist will discuss their findings in detail, provide education about your condition, and encourage you to help develop your individual treatment programs and goals.

Taking this approach allows our physiotherapists in Brampton to promote patient independence, including how you can better help yourself in your recovery. For instance, your physiotherapist may prescribe exercises as part of your treatment plan.

They will take the time to teach you the exercises to ensure you know how to do them correctly. Once you learn the exercises, you will be able to do them at home, in between your physiotherapy treatments. You are also taught how to set goals and how to recognize when you achieve those goals.

For our patients who have caregivers, we are happy to provide advice and education on how your caregiver can assist you when you are at home.

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I have been coming here for 12+ years and from my experience they have far by the most welcoming receptionist, owner and others staff. Specifically, Ayeshsh who is a well trained Asstt. physiotherapist who has never failed to provide exceptional services. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for best physiotherapist services and Massage Therapy Services.

Ayub Khan


Very great place to get treatment of any body pain. Amazing, polite and knowledgeable staff. I visited this place for my severe Shoulder pain. Physiotherapist Gagan took care of me, I went regularly twice a week and just followed all the exercises also to be done at home, it took me around 4 to 5 months and trust me I am now completely cured of my shoulder pain. Thank you dear Gagan for curing me out of my pain, I am now visiting this place for my knee pain and I am very sure that I will definitely be cured soon, we just have to have patience. I highly recommend Physiotherapy First.

Rakhee Khatri


My experience at the Physiotherapy first was amazing. All the staff is very dedicated and friendly and professionally deals with their patients. Physiotherapist assistant, Ayesha and Rav both are amazing in their profession and dealing with patients in very friendly manner. Highly recommend this place.

Uzma Qureshi


I have been going to this location for a year now. Very convenient location and hours. The staff here is very friendly. Physiotherapist Gagan has done an amazing job helping me after my work injury. She is the main reason why I will continue to go back again and again. I highly recommend this location to anyone that is looking for physiotherapy . Keep up the excellent work.

Sarbjit Saran


excellent services. I got custom braces which are very good. Staff at the clinic,administrative staff at reception all are very helpful and take care.

Amarjeet Nandra


This office is very well run. The staff are experienced and provide amazing service. I have been going there for the last 6 weeks and every visit I walk out feeling better.

Sharon Murdoch


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