Assistive Devices in Brampton

Assistive Devices

Why Would I Need Assisted Devices?

Assisted devices can be utilized as a part of an overall physiotherapy treatment plan. For instance, braces could be necessary to help provide additional support to the wrist, ankle, elbow, or knee following an injury to one of these areas. The brace helps reduce the risks of additional injuries while supporting the healing and recovery processes.

Another type of assisted device we use is exercise therapy products like resistance bands. These products are designed so that they can be incorporated into exercises our patients can do at home to help aid in restrengthening their bodies to recover faster.

Compression stockings are custom measured and made for each patient. They are designed to control the amount of pressure to the legs to reduce pain, swelling and discomfort. Custom compression stockings help to treat or prevent blood circulation problems and veracious veins.

Benefits Of A Custom Brace

A custom brace can alleviate pain associated with arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other associated issues. These conditions become more common as we age. A custom brace unloads stress from the affected area and refers the pressure to other joints / muscles, creating better mobility in the joint while reducing stiffness.


Benefits Of Exercise Bands

Resistance bands are great for those who want to exercise at home. There are many benefits to these simple exercise tools, including versatility, convenience, safety, and effectiveness. Resistance band exercises are surprisingly effective and offer many benefits over traditional free weights.

  • Modify traditional exercises
  • Exercise your whole body
  • Transition the exercises provided to you by your therapist at the clinic to in-home self directed exercises
  • Add variety and adapt to your personal fitness level
Benefits of exercise bands

Benefits Of Custom Compression Stockings

With a few exceptions, there’s typically little harm in trying compression socks, but it’s wise to talk to your doctor. Compression socks are most likely to benefit you if:

  • You’ve recently had surgery or have been on bed rest and have been inactive for a long period of time
  • You’re going on a long flight and you will be inactive and confined to a tight space for many hours, which increases the risk of blood clots. Research has shown that people who wear compression stockings during air travel are less likely to develop swelling in their legs.
  • You have varicose veins or leg ulcers. Compression socks won’t cure these conditions, but they can combat the aching, swelling, and general discomfort that often accompanies them.
  • People who stand all day at work – In this case, it promotes lubrication, and hence healthy joints. Prolonged standing leads to malfunctioning of the circulatory system. Compression stockings help regulate the blood flow.
  • Pregnant women can benefit from custom stockings as they are more prone to high levels of progesterone which leads to the varicose veins with the occurrence of swellings. In this case, compression stockings benefit in putting pressure on your legs and prevent your veins from holding more blood than usual.

How Long Are Assisted Devices Required?

The duration you need to use assisted devices depends on your initial complaint, speed of recovery, overall health and well-being, and other such factors. For some patients, assisted devices help improve their mobility and are used long-term. For other patients, they only need to use assisted devices until they are fully recovered from their injury.


What Conditions Can Assisted Devices Be Used For?

Assisted devices can be used for a wide range of conditions, such as:

  • Weak Ankles
  • Range of Motion Problems
  • Balancing Problems
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Knee Problems
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain, and More!

During an initial assessment and consultation with one of our physiotherapists or chiropractors, if assisted devices could benefit you, we will discuss how they can help, their purpose, and what the next steps are for obtaining custom-fitted assisted devices.

When Will I Get My Custom-fitted Assisted Devices?

While Physiotherapy First does keep a stock of various assisted devices on hand, others will need to be custom-made to the correct dimensions and features you need. In most cases, when we must order custom-fitted assisted devices, it takes about a week before they arrive. We will notify you upon arrival and have you come in to ensure they fit correctly.


Will Health Benefits Plans Cover Assisted Devices In Brampton?

In certain cases, health benefits plans will cover the costs of assisted devices.

Why Choose Physiotherapy First For Assisted Devices In Brampton?

At Physiotherapy First, our physiotherapists and chiropractors are educated and trained in the use of assisted devices. They understand when and how these devices can best benefit our patients. They also receive ongoing education and training on the lasted advances in assisted devices to ensure our patients receive exceptional quality of care.

To learn more about assisted devices, if they could benefit you, or to schedule an initial consultation with one of our physiotherapists, please feel free to contact Physiotherapy First at 905-796-6662 today!

We look forward to answering any question you may have, discussing your health benefits plan coverage, and helping you determine if assisted devices could alleviate your pain and discomfort to feel better.