Sciatica Treatment in Brampton

Sciatica Treatment

At Physiotherapy First, we offer access to sciatica treatments at our Brampton wellness centre. Sciatica can cause pain and discomfort that can cause mobility issues walking, sitting, standing, or even lying in bed. Our physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopath are here to help alleviate your pain and discomfort using non-invasive and holistic treatments.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a generalized term used to refer to injuries and pain associated with the sciatic nerve in the lower back. This nerve is the largest never in our bodies. The nerve is in our lower back in between the vertebrae. The nerve endings extend from our lower back in two branches – one that goes down the left buttock, hip, and leg, and one that goes down the ride side of the lower body.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is injured in some manner. The nerve can be compressed by a herniated disc. Nerve compression can also occur in muscles and connective tissue the nerve pathways run through from the lower back and into the legs. Another cause for sciatica is when the sciatic nerve is pinched in some manner.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Sciatica?

The most common symptoms of sciatica can include:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Numbness in the Leg and Foot
  • Shooting Pain in the Leg and Foot
  • Tingling Sensations in the Leg and Foot
  • Hip Pain
  • Stiffness in the Hip
  • Leg Muscle Weakness
  • Increased Urination
  • Constipation

It is important to remember that the symptoms you experience can and do vary from someone else. The underlying causes for sciatica will often dictate what symptoms you experience.

How Is Sciatica Diagnosed?

Various techniques can be used to diagnose sciatica. Applying pressure to different regions in the lower back, taking x-rays, or performing an MRI or CT scan can all be used to help determine if you have sciatica or another type of lower back injury.


What Are Common Treatments For Sciatica?

Some of the more common treatments for sciatica include:

  • Manual adjustments of the spinal column to reduce pressure and compression on the sciatic nerve.
  • Hot and cold therapies to the different areas that are experiencing pain and discomfort.
  • Exercise therapies to help strengthen lower back muscles and leg muscles to reduce risks of future injuries to the sciatic nerve.
  • Patient education about your condition, what caused it, and what you can do to help recover while avoiding additional injury to the sciatic nerve.
  • Avoiding prolonged periods of sitting, resting, and heavy lifting as they can further irritate the sciatic nerve.

At Physiotherapy First, treatment plans for sciatica are customized to the patient’s specific requirements and needs. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their recovery and treatment plans.

How Long Is Recovery From Sciatica?

Recovery time from sciatica depends on multiple factors, such as the extent of injury to the sciatic nerve, how long you have been in pain, your overall health, and so on. You should notice improvements typically within the first few weeks of treatment.

Full recovery can range from a few months to up to six months if there are setbacks. Many people benefit from ongoing care and treatment to reduce the risks of future sciatica problems.


Are Sciatica Treatments Covered By Health Benefits Plans In Brampton?

Sciatica treatments are covered by many health benefits plans, accident injury insurance, and WSIB. We would be happy to discuss your insurance options in greater detail.

To learn more about sciatica treatments in Brampton, or to schedule an initial consultation, please feel free to contact Physiotherapy First at 905-796-6662 to schedule an initial consultation today! We look forward to speaking with you, answering your questions, and helping to recover as quickly as possible, while reducing your pain and discomfort.

Why Choose Physiotherapy First For Sciatica Treatments?

Our Brampton wellness centre provides access to well-trained and educated health professionals with expertise in osteopathy, chiropractic care, and physiotherapy. We use the latest techniques and methods to provide quality care with exceptional results. Our health professionals also participate in ongoing education and training to provide our patients with the most current sciatica treatments.