Hip Bursitis Treatment

Hip Bursitis Treatment

Physiotherapy First is pleased to offer hip bursitis treatments at our wellness centre in Brampton. This condition can be painful and uncomfortable if it is left untreated. However, the condition is manageable with physiotherapy treatments.

What is Hip Bursitis?

When the bursae in the hip are inflamed, they can cause hip bursitis. The bursae are in the joints in between soft tissue and bone. They are filled with fluid to help provide cushioning and reduce friction when moving. In areas where the bursae become overused, they are irritated from repeated movements which cause inflammation.

Hip bursitis can occur in anyone, regardless of age. Those involved in sports with a lot of running or hip movements, like soccer, hockey, or basketball, can be more prone to developing hip bursitis, especially if they experience a sports-related injury in the hip area.


What Causes Hip Bursitis And What Are Common Symptoms?

With hip bursitis, the strain placed in the bursae is excessive, so it causes an inflammatory response. As such, movements become more painful. Other symptoms that could appear include:

  • The skin has redness to it.
  • The area appears to be swollen.
  • The area feels warmer to the touch.

The pain and discomfort from hip bursitis can be more pronounced when changing position, such as from sitting to standing.

How is Hip Bursitis Diagnosed?

The most common method used to diagnose hip bursitis is a physical examination of the affected area. Your physiotherapist, osteopathy, or chiropractor may perform an X-ray to look for bone spurs that could be irritating the bursae. An MRI might also be necessary when the structures are not fully visible from an X-ray.



How is Hip Bursitis Treated?

Treatments for hip bursitis focus on alleviating pain and inflammation. Activities are restricted during treatment. Some of the more common non-surgical treatment methods include:

  • Manual manipulation of the hip area to reduce pressure on the bursae.
  • Massage therapy to help reduce pain.
  • Hot and cold therapies to help reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Exercise therapy to help address muscular imbalances around the affected joint.
  • Ultrasound treatments could also be beneficial in some instances.

Your physiotherapist, osteopathy, or chiropractor will take the time to educate you about your hip bursitis, its causes, and recommendations to reduce inflammation and swelling. In addition, our healthcare providers encourage our patients to participate in creating customized treatment plans that benefit their specific needs and requirements.

Is Recovery From Hip Bursitis Possible?

Most peoplecan recover from hip bursitis in about six to eight weeks. However, this timing can vary based on each person’s specific diagnosis and conditions. You do need to make sure that you are careful and follow your treatment plan to avoid delays in recovery.

Furthermore, it is essential to continue exercises and other treatments post-recovery to reduce the risks of hip bursitis returning.


Do Health Benefits Plans Cover Hip Bursitis Treatments in Brampton?

Many health benefits plans often cover hip bursitis treatments. We look forward to discussing your insurance options in greater detail when you call to schedule an initial consultation.

For further information about hip bursitis treatments in Brampton or to book your initial consultation, please feel free to contact Physiotherapy First at 905-796-6662 today! We are happy to answer your questions while helping to alleviate your pain and discomfortas quickly as possible.

Why Choose Physiotherapy First For Hip Bursitis Treatments?

At Physiotherapy First, we put our patients’ needs first and foremost. To this end, our Brampton wellness centre provides access to well-trained and educated health professionals with expertise in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic care.

Additionally, our health professionals receive ongoing training and education to provide our patients access to the latest treatments for hip bursitis.