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Who We Are

Physiotherapy First is committed to providing high-quality assessment and physiotherapy treatment in Brampton of all injuries, pain and dysfunction. We provide intervention and management for all individuals experiencing limitations or wanting to improve their function.

We also provide care to those involved in accidents, who have experienced sport and work related injuries and are suffering from chronic pain. We also treat residents of our local community for a variety of conditions, including pre and post-surgery rehabilitation. We are actively involved in health prevention, intervention and promotion.

Anyone is welcome to make an appointment for a FREE consultation at our clinic. We accept most insurance, workers’ compensation claims, Motor Vehicle claims and personal injury cases. Please call us so we can guide you through the process. We also offer affordable out of pocket rates for the non-insured or extended benefits.


A team of healthcare professionals in Brampton, Physiotherapy First’s corporate mission is to treat and educate members of the community and help patients achieve optimal health and personal wellbeing. Using a proactive approach to healthcare, we emphasize quality in every service and tailor treatment protocols on an individual basis. Our group of registered and experienced health professionals works together to deliver the highest standard in healthcare services. We are committed to providing a warm, cheerful and friendly professional environment that encourages continuous development and personal growth. We are involved in promoting intervention, health prevention, and promoting quality care, increased mobility, and overall improved wellness.

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Our Philosophy and Core Beliefs

Our philosophy and core beliefs are the cornerstone to providing exceptional care and treatment for our patients that includes:

  • Treating our patients, regardless of their age, medical condition, values, beliefs, etc., with the respect and dignity they deserve. We listen to our patients’ preferences and encourage them to aid in making decisions regarding their care and treatment. We are open to collaboration with their primary care physicians, as well as other healthcare professionals.
  • Developing a personalized physiotherapist and patient relationship that is centered on the patient’s needs and objectives. We listen to our patients’ concerns, needs, and openly communicate with them by educating them about their condition while showing empathy to their situation and constantly building trust.
  • Continuously obtaining ongoing education, training, certifications, and conducting ongoing research to provide our patients with the most current knowledge about various medical conditions to provide the best treatment options.
  • Recognizing that each of our patients is unique. As such, we develop individualized and customized treatment programs based on each patient’s specific needs and objectives. While we understand certain medical conditions can have similar approaches, we know that what works for one patient does not always work for another, so we avoid “cookie-cutter” approaches.
  • Uncovering the root causes of the condition. We go above and beyond just treating the symptoms by taking the time to find out the actual causes for the condition. This allows our physiotherapists to help our patients better manage their conditions and work towards recovery of not just the symptoms but the underlying causes.

Services Offered & Payment Options

Physiotherapy First offers a wide range of services to treat our patients and develop effective treatment programs including:

Our treatment plans often include exercises, as well, as part of our patients’ customized treatment plans. Exercises are taught to our patients during their visits. They are designed so they can be performed at home in between visits to aid in their recovery.

Physiotherapy First is pleased to accept all major credit cards, Interac, and cash payments. We will also work with you to provide direct insurance billing and WSIB billing.

If you have further questions about physiotherapy treatments and services in Brampton, want further information about physiotherapy, want to discuss payment options, or want to schedule a consultation appointment, please feel free to contact Physiotherapy First at 905-796-6662 today!

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