Cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton


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Cervicogenic headache or CGH is a type of pain that originates from the atlanto-occipital part of the spine and the cervical joints on the upper side. It spreads towards the other parts of the neck and face. Cervicogenic headache or CGH is one of the most common types of chronic headache. The dull feeling of chronic pain remains steady throughout. Moreover, it moves upward from the neck to the forehead. You can get rid of the pain through regular cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton.

What causes cervicogenic headache?

The pain from a Cervicogenic headache mainly remains side-locked. That means the pain targets a particular side of the face and head. The onset of a Cervicogenic headache can be due to many reasons that are similar to common headaches or pain. Often the pain tends to stay for long and worsens with time.

If the headache gets worst then medical attention is often important. Anesthetic blockades are often used to treat Cervicogenic headaches if treatment is needed on an urgent basis. Cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton such as systematic neck-shoulder exercises is a great alternative to anesthetic blockades. Physiotherapy First can provide you with Cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton and nearby areas.

Symptoms of cervicogenic headache

A Cervicogenic headache is a rare chronic level headache in the age range of 30 to 40 years old. The symptoms of Cervicogenic headache are very often similar to primary headache symptoms. But, it is better to have cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton if you experience acute pain in the side region of your head. Opt for the cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton if you have discomfort around your cervical spinal region.

The pain generally starts from the C1 and C3 spinal nerves when they are under acute stress due to bad posture or sudden movement locks. Keeping your neck in one particular position for long can also stress the cervical spinal nerves. And henceforth the Cervicogenic headache pain arises. If you experience acute pain around your forehead when you cough or sneeze then it can be a symptom of a Cervicogenic headache.

Cervicogenic headache symptoms are quite similar to the symptoms of migraine and at times can be very difficult to differentiate between the two like feeling sick in bright light and loud noise, throwing up, blurry vision and shoulder and arms pain. Another symptom of Cervicogenic is that it restricts your neck movement and motion and you experience stiffness around your shoulders and neck. Physiotherapy treatment can help you release your pain, please consult with an expert physiotherapist for Cervicogenic treatment in Brampton.

Where to get cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton?

Physiotherapy is one of the safest and non-anesthetic medicinal ways to treat your Cervicogenic headache. As we have discussed earlier, the symptoms of Cervicogenic headache are very similar to migraine and other primary headaches thus it often gets misdiagnosed.

Physiotherapy experts use techniques and methods that include certain neck and head exercises. These release stress on the cervical spinal nerves. It also relaxes your spinal and neck muscles. Thus, it relieves the pain. Physiotherapy uses the technique of slow and effective treatment with the primary focus on reducing your pain slowly. As in most Cervicogenic cases, the pain is directly related to the structural posture of your neck and spine. A physiotherapy expert will help you with your posture and spinal structure movements. If you are looking for an expert physiotherapist for Cervicogenic headache treatment in Brampton then Physiotherapy First is here. Our well-qualified health experts can provide you with the solutions to your problem.