How Can Physiotherapy Help in Chronic Pain Conditions?


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Chronic pain is persistent pain that can last longer than the normal recovery period and occurs in poor chronic health conditions. Inflammation or weak nerves, or damaged tissue can be a cause of this pain. Arthritis pain, lower back pain, and pain due to cancer are some examples of chronic pain. You can choose a holistic approach such as physiotherapy for chronic pain relief.

As per the opinion of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, physical therapy is signified as an effective process for chronic pain management.

Physiotherapy for chronic pain relief involves various approaches of hands-on treatment, recommended activity, and patient education, as opposed to painkillers. If you want to know how physiotherapy can help with chronic pain conditions, this article is for you! So, just read on!

Role of physiotherapy for chronic pain relief 

Physiotherapy for chronic pain relief is popular worldwide. It determines the source of discomfort and can do the needful to manage it. Here are some processes through which physiotherapy can contribute to this chronic pain:

  • Exercise therapy 

Sometimes patients can be advised not to do exercises due to muscle strain or increased pain. However, physiotherapy for chronic pain relief involves pain-free exercises to increase mobility.

  • Patient education 

Education through the regular physiotherapy session can increase the understanding ability of pain. The advice and guidance of a professional physiotherapist can educate you to take care of your chronic pain.

With a proper session, one can get guidance and learn to manage their chronic issues. You can take appropriate action according to physiotherapy for chronic pain relief.

  • Soft-tissue treatment 

Various soft tissue treatments like myofascial release, stretching and trigger point therapy can reduce your inflammation. Treatment of soft tissue can give relaxation to the painful areas.

  • Manual therapy 

Manual therapy is specially used to increase the range of motion. Additionally, it can improve the condition of the tissue. One can feel irritated and stiff in joint for limited movement due to poor physical condition or chronic pain.

Manual therapy can increase blood circulation and improve flexibility with several techniques used by professional physiotherapy.

  • Posture exercises

Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment option for chronic back or neck pain as it helps build control and strength.

A physiotherapist also guides you to do some posture improvement exercises as your regular home exercise.

  • Behaviour therapy 

Skilled physiotherapy can train you for chronic pain management with the help of cognitive therapy. It can be called psychological treatment, which is used to reduce the issues of chronic pain.

Despite these processes physiotherapy also helps to reduce chronic pain through acupuncture treatment, electrotherapy and so on.

Patients can control their pain-related issues by using a combination of physiotherapy treatments.

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