Is Physiotherapy Treatment Painful? Revealing Facts and Busting Myths

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Physiotherapy treatment is believed to reduce pain and facilitate movement. But does it hurt? Read this blog to know what you can expect from physiotherapy sessions.

Physiotherapy is now a common buzzword in the healthcare industry. And why wouldn’t it be? Physiotherapy relieves pain and discomfort, thereby eliminating the need for painful surgeries. But there’s one question that often prevents people from trusting physiotherapy.

Does the physiotherapy treatment hurt?

Let’s be honest here. Everyone wants to get better, but nobody wants to get there painfully. Without further ado, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Does Physiotherapy Hurt?

The simple and straightforward answer is:

No, physiotherapy doesn’t hurt if done by a trained professional.

Understand one thing.

You may feel a little discomfort during or after the physiotherapy. But that’s a part of healing. With time and regular physiotherapy sessions, the discomfort vanishes, and you feel relief in the affected areas.

Things may seem better if you can rest for a long period of time after each physiotherapy session. But that’s practically not possible. You have to work after each session, which may contribute to temporary pain.

Difference Between Good Pain and Bad Pain in Physiotherapy Treatment

Imagine this for a moment.

You decide to do an exercise that you never did before.

Don’t you experience sore muscles the very next day?

It is your body reacting to an exercise it wasn’t familiar with earlier. Don’t give up because of sore muscles. That shows the exercise is working. It’s the same thing with physiotherapy. You may feel good pain due to physiotherapy, but that goes away after a while.

Bad pain is the constant feeling of being in pain during a specific activity. It usually occurs due to improper posture, overuse or involvement of a lot of motion. A licensed physiotherapist helps you get rid of this kind of pain.

What are the Facts about Pain and Physiotherapy Treatments?

 Physiotherapy acts wonders when it comes to reducing pain. But what if the same therapy worsens the pain? Here are some crucial facts that will help you understand the relationship between pain and physiotherapy.

  • The initial sessions cause slight discomfort

You can expect slight discomfort after or during physiotherapy sessions. The physiotherapy treatments train your body to restore its normal health. You are most likely to be familiar with the discomfort if you go to gyms or exercise regularly.

  • Discomfort is a part of the healing process

Discomfort and soreness of muscles are a part of the healing process. Physiotherapy causes the affected areas to release stress. This stress causes discomfort. The stress goes away after a while, and so does the discomfort.

  • Physiotherapy is a process

Physiotherapy is a process that reduces pain and improves mobility gradually. You may not achieve complete fitness overnight. But, with time, you will start feeling better.

A professional physiotherapist is the best person to guide you about the pain associated with physiotherapy. She/he makes sure the temporary pain is within your pain tolerance level.