What are some back injury prevention techniques you should try?


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Back pain is something people of all ages can relate to. Teenagers complain of back pain due to constant slouching over mobile phones, while elders experience the same due to age-related problems. Irrespective of age, back pain causes acute to chronic pain and limits daily activities. But, it is possible to beat all odds and restore optimal health if you follow accurate and effective back injury physiotherapy treatments.

Speaking of which, do not forget to consult with a physiotherapist first. The proper guidance enables you to follow the right techniques in the right way.

Five Back Injury Physiotherapy Treatments You Should Try for Quick Recovery 

The back pain can feel like a sudden sharp or dull ache depending on the cause. These are general techniques irrespective of the type of back pain you are suffering from. However, it is always advisable to consult with a physiotherapist first and then implement techniques.

1. Correct your posture 

With more than half of the world’s working population spending most of their time on laptops, incorrect posture is a common problem among many. The wrong posture exerts excruciating strain on the spine, which causes back pain in return.

But the question is: how to take care of the posture and work at the same time?

Well, you can choose an office chair that supports your lower back completely. You should be able to move the chair up and down and rest your feet flat on the ground without bending your knees.

You can also use a standup desk for at least a part of the day. The bottom line is to maintain a straight and firm spinal posture, even while you are at work.

2. Lift using proper guidelines 

Lifting is one of the main causes of back pain. You may hurt your back while lifting a heavy bag or lifting your young child. You can avoid the pain if you follow certain guidelines while lifting. If you are already in pain, do not lift heavy loads at all.

You should never lift by bending or twisting your back. Doing so repeatedly can cause serious tissue damage. Instead, bend at your knees while lifting and pivoting your feet and hips. If you are lifting small objects, follow the golfer’s lifting technique.

3. Rest your back 

You may feel back pain if you have been bent forward for a long time. Activities like weeding gardens can cause strain on your spinal discs and ligaments. Also, it takes a toll on the stability and strength of your spine and joints surrounding the area. Thus, it is necessary to rest your back after you have bent it forward for a long time.

You should stand upright for some time. This enables the spinal tissues to recover. The tissues regain their ability to re-shape after prolonged bending while you stand for a few minutes.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Body weight also puts a strain on your back resulting in pain.  Eating healthy lets you keep your weight in check, which in turn prevents back pain. Avoid spicy and junk food as much as possible. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, and lean meats.

5. Reduce everyday stresses on the back 

Small activities exert stress on your lower back daily. The stress builds up and ultimately causes pain and degeneration throughout the back. Activities such as opening a door, gardening, or using a vacuum cleaner exert stress on the back. So, try to reduce these stresses to eliminate the pain and prevent it as well.
If you are opening a door, stand in front of the door handles and pull the door at right angles to your body. Similarly, use small arm movements while using a vacuum cleaner.

Wrapping Up | Looking for back injury physiotherapy treatments?

Back pain can make even the most basic activity challenging. But the right techniques and physiotherapy treatments can help you get rid of the pain. At Physiotherapy First, you can restore optimal health with experienced physiotherapists by your side.