What is Geriatric Physiotherapy ?


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Geriatric physiotherapy is a physical therapy that deals with the issues concerning elderly people.

It is used in various Geriatric conditions like low body mass, dizziness, hearing or vision impairment.

Geriatric physical therapy considers the age of older people because they tend to become less active, lose muscle strength, decrease coordination, and have a lesser tolerance for physical effort.

Geriatric physical therapy differs from conventional physical therapy types. It focuses on improving speed and stamina in older persons, preventing deconditioning, decreasing the accidental risk and related injuries, and decreasing the accidental risk and related injuries.

Many problems gradually arise as patients become older, some of these are Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, hip and joint issues etc. Physical therapists that specialize in treating such illnesses and ailments are geriatric Physical therapists. They are specialized in treating such illnesses and ailments with the best methods.

Physiotherapists serve a critical role in allowing older persons to fully restore their movement.

Exercises of Geriatric Physiotherapy

Based on the health condition of an individual, physical therapists might recommend exercise. Several exercises can enhance flexibility, endurance, and strength, and improve movements. Various exercises within this physiotherapy are:

  • Stretching of the lower back, hip flexors and like can promote good alignment as well as mobility of joints for the prevention of stiff muscle.
  • Endurance training can help to keep the lungs and heart healthy. It also improves blood circulation with the help of cardiovascular equipment.
  • A balanced and regular exercise routine helps to maintain their various stabilities during walking, standing, changing direction and so on. Some of these balance exercises are marching, weight shifting, tandem walking and so on.
  • Lower body exercises can maintain body strength. So, if you have an improved physical condition, you can try some of these exercises like step-ups, sit-to-stands, leg lifts and so on.

Bodyweight exercises within geriatric physical therapy can improve mobility of the body though it depends on physical ability as well.

Therefore, one should remember that various strenuous exercises like heavy lifting have a high impact. This type of exercise can bring an injury to older adults, and they should not try to do these. Moreover, do the exercises slowly with proper control and balance. Also, use light resistance. The use of light resistance can encourage the appropriate movement of joints.

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