8 Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle with Strong Bones and Muscles

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle lays the foundation for fully functional bones and muscles. It allows us to enjoy life without physical pain, discomfort or mobility problems. Attending monthly physiotherapy sessions, for instance, is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. But, that’s not all. Here are 8 tips for a healthy lifestyle that anyone can adopt and stay as fit as a fiddle. 

8 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle That Actually Work

From the food you eat to the way you sleep and work, every little thing contributes to your lifestyle. While it is impossible to be perfect all the time, it is possible to make some significant changes to lifestyle practices which keep your physical health in top shape. Here are the top 15 tips for a healthy lifestyle that can keep you free from pain, stress and injuries. 

Eat your veggies

Vegetables are your bones’ and digestive system’s best friends. 

It helps increase bone mineral density, thereby preventing conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia. Bones tend to become weak with age. Minerals from the vegetables keep them strong and prevent them from becoming brittle. 

Vegetables are also a great source of Vitamin C. They stimulate the formation of bone-developing cells. According to studies, consuming vegetables and fruits prevents a wide range of heart diseases and other conditions.   


You must stay physically active to avoid tension in your bones and muscles. Registered physical therapists or chiropractors can guide you through the exercises you need. They usually recommend strength and weight-bearing exercises to help people achieve optimum fitness. 

Strength-training exercises prevent bone loss in older and younger women. It also increases muscle mass, thereby letting people stay physically active without any discomfort. 

Weight-bearing exercises, on the other hand, promote the formation of new bones. It increases the size, strength and mineral density of your bones.  

Limit caffeine and alcohol intake 

Excessive alcohol intake promotes bone loss. Women should consume a maximum of 10 drinks a week while men shouldn’t drink more than 15 drinks a week. 

Caffeine can interfere with the absorption of calcium in your body if consumed in excessive amounts. 2-3 cups a day is fine. Also, try to avoid other caffeinated drinks as much as possible. 

Consume enough protein 

The right amounts of protein keep bone healthy while an incorrect amount can cause acidity in the blood. So, you can consult with a professional about the amount of protein you should consume for a healthy life. 

Research suggests that women who have consumed higher amounts of protein have stronger bone density. Protein optimizes the rate of formation and breakdown of bones. It also facilitates the absorption of calcium. 

Maintain a stable weight

Low body weight is one of the most common contributing factors for bone loss or reduced bone density. It is more applicable to postmenopausal women who do not produce sufficient levels of estrogen (a hormone that also protects bones). They are hence susceptible to bone injuries. 

Follow a nutritious diet and maintain a stable weight to avoid health conditions. You can talk to Brampton physiotherapists about the standard weight you should aim for. They can provide you with effective exercises that help maintain a standard weight. 

Eat foods rich in calcium 

Calcium gives strength and structure to your bones. It is the most important mineral for your bone health. It facilitates the smooth breaking down and regeneration of bone cells. 

Thus, include foods that are rich in calcium in your diet every day. 

Get plenty of vitamin D

A sedentary lifestyle often limits the required exposure to the sun, the best source of vitamin D. Thus, it is common for most people to lack vitamin D and suffer from bone or muscle deterioration. 

Get as much Vitamin D as you can daily, whether through sunlight or diet. Meat, egg, fish and offal are great sources of vitamin D. You can find milk and margarine fortified with this vitamin in Canada. 

It also helps your body absorb the calcium you consume. 

Take enough rest

A tired mind leads to a tired body. The best way to refresh the mind is through an interrupted 7-hour sleep. You can get massage therapy to promote better sleep after a rough day at work. Make the right food choices and you can sleep like a log. 

Need Help With Adopting a Better Lifestyle?

Include plenty of green vegetables, calcium, protein and vitamin D in your diet to protect your bones and muscles. Get enough sleep so your exhausted muscles can revive the next day. Maintain a stable weight through exercises and other physical activities. 

Physical therapists out there can help you achieve these tips for a healthy lifestyle. They can help you exercise, maintain a standard posture and stay pain-free throughout your lifetime.

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