Are Custom Orthotics Worth the Investment?


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Orthotics are prescribed appliances that are custom-made to fit into your shoes. These are
medical shoe inserts/insoles that help individuals with hip, back or foot pain relieve their
discomfort. Whether you are suffering from bunions and calluses or need extra support for
your flat feet, custom orthotics are the way to happy feet. But, why order custom when you
can get orthotics over the counter as well? It may cost a tad more money than
the generic ones you can find on the market. So, the question is- are they worth
the investment? Let’s find out.

What are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are specially designed inserts or insoles that provide proper support and
alignment to your feet. There are pre-moulded insoles available in the market which provide
temporary support without addressing the underlying issue. Chances are you will start
feeling the pain and discomfort again.

This is where the role of custom-made orthotics comes into play. Each custom orthotic is
unique to an individual’s feet. These are designed specifically to treat specific foot issues
and help the patient walk freely without any pain. The custom orthotics not only fix but also
lift, cushion and cup underlying foot biomechanical issues.

Are They Worth the Investment?

Custom orthotics are pricier than the generic insoles available at the drugstore. The time,
skill and precision required to customize an orthotic is the reason behind its higher price.
Every individual is different. And so are their foot problems. Custom orthotics are designed
specifically to fit a particular foot or treat a unique foot condition. A licensed and registered
physiotherapist or chiropractor assesses your foot problems and underlying biomechanics to
design the perfect orthotics for you.

Making a custom orthotic takes a lot of hard work. The designer takes a cast of your foot and
ensures the orthotic fits every curve of your feet perfectly.

Unlike the counter insoles, custom orthotics are made up of higher-quality materials
such as EVF foam or plastic. The materials are tested first to ensure they can withstand your
weight and help treat your condition. The materials should glide smoothly in your shoes and
fit with every curve of your foot. It provides the cushioning and support you need to use your
feet comfortably.

Though a tad expensive, They do wonders when it comes to providing patient-
centric foot care for every individual. Our legs and feet form the main foundation for the entire
physical body. Thus, it is quite a wise idea to opt for custom orthotics if you are having a
hard time walking in your regular shoes.

How Much Does it Cost?

The prices vary depending on your specific foot requirements. The specialist assesses your
condition and perform tests to detect the underlying biomechanical issues in your feet.
Some may benefit from plastic inserts while others may need cushy foam material. Similarly,
some may need extra cushioning in the middle arch while others may need support in the

All in all, the foot specialist can let you know about the overall cost after assessing your
condition. If you are in Brampton, you can talk to our specialists at Physiotherapy First. We
can guide you through the total cost involved and explain the process to clear your doubts.

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