Can Physical Therapy Make Vertigo Worse?

Can Physical Therapy Make Vertigo Worse?

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The short answer is no. If anything, physical therapy is one of the most effective treatments for vertigo. It helps you address symptoms like headaches, dizziness, visual disturbances and more associated with vertigo. The first session may seem a little uncomfortable but that’s temporary. You start feeling better as the treatment proceeds. Let’s dive deeper into the effects of physiotherapy on vertigo. 

What are the Symptoms of Vertigo?

Vertigo is a false sensation of your surroundings to be spinning. You feel the world around you is moving but it isn’t. The other symptoms include unusual eye movement, vomiting, dizziness and nausea. 

The condition is usually caused due to inner ear problems. The symptoms aren’t that serious but they can interfere with your normal life functioning. Also, moving your head can make the problem get worse. Thus, it is better to consult with a physiotherapist as soon as possible to prevent the condition from worsening. 

What are the Effects of Physiotherapy on Vertigo?

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy or VRT is the most common type of physical therapy that helps with the condition. This technique focuses on correcting the overall balance problems that cause vertigo. The therapist detects the damaged balance centre through specific physical tests. Then they prescribe exercises that can compensate for the damage. 

Trained physical therapists or occupational therapists perform vestibular tests to get to the core of the problem. The test results increase your symptoms temporarily, thereby confirming that you have vestibular problems. The therapist prepares a treatment regime based on these test results. 

The common techniques are: 

  • Walking program 
  • Movement exercises
  • Balance training 
  • Neck and posture strengthening 
  • Neck mobility exercises 

No two persons can have the same treatment plan for vertigo. Several factors such as your lifestyle, the cause of the injury and sensitivity help them decide the best techniques for your recovery. 

Physiotherapy on VertigoDoes Physiotherapy Make You Feel Worse Initially?

As already mentioned, physical therapy doesn’t make vertigo worse. The vestibular system is a complex one. Fixing the problems associated with it can be complicated as well. 

You may feel the symptoms getting worse initially during the sessions because the brain takes some time to adjust to the VRT exercises typically included in a physiotherapy treatment plan. The feeling is temporary and subsides once the body gets familiar with the exercises. 

Is Physiotherapy Safe for Vertigo?

Yes, it is safe to opt for physiotherapy to deal with vertigo. There are no surgeries involved. The therapist gets to the core of the problem and provides you with long-term recovery. Once your health goal is achieved, the therapist guides you through the exercises you can do at home and prevent its reoccurrence. 

All in all, physical therapy improves the condition rather than worsening it. If you are in Brampton and experiencing vertigo symptoms, get in touch with Physiotherapy First. Schedule your appointment and begin your recovery with brilliant physiotherapists in town.