Tips to Maintain Good Posture that Actually Works


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The right posture does more good than what you think. It is recommended to keep good posture whether you are at work or home. Read the tips in this blog below to maintain the proper posture.

It takes effort and practice to maintain good posture, but, this effort has huge payoffs. Good posture means you have a neutral spine. Thanks to the new work-from-home culture, we now tend to spend most of our time slouching over computers and mobiles. You may not realize it, but the slouching causes the spine to lose its neutral alignment.


You experience excruciating low back pain, headaches, reduced energy, and a great deal of tension in the shoulders and neck. The good news is you can prevent the consequences if you maintain good posture.

How to maintain good posture?

So, here are a few effective tips for maintaining good posture.

  • Stop slouching over your desks

It is tempting to lean back and swivel a little at work because, well, slouching is easier. But keep in mind that this takes a toll on your neutral spine alignment. What you can do is sit with your spine against the chair. Keep a rolled-up towel behind the mid-back of your spine. This will protect the natural curve of your spine. Bend the knees at a right angle and keep your feet flat on the floor.

  • Avoid reclining while driving

Reclining while driving especially in the case of long drives isn’t great for your posture. Thus, it is suggested to sit more upright whenever you are driving. Avoid locking your legs and bend the knees slightly. You can also put a rolled-up towel behind you to support the spine.

  • Limit screen time

How often have you felt a sharp pain in the neck and all the way down the spine while using your phone or computer? Chances are you might be suffering from text neck pain. The best way to tackle this problem is to limit screen time. You should also stretch your neck instead of looking down on your phones constantly. Lift your phone up and move your eyes.

  • Choose lower heels for daily wear

It might break your heart, but stilettos and pumps are not good for your spine. They tend to thrust the base of your spine forward and eventually over-arches your back. Heels put pressure on your nerves thereby causing back pain. Thus, it is better to go for chunky heels for daily wear.

  • Exercise regularly

A physiotherapist can prepare an exercise chart for you to correct your posture. All exercises have one motive, and this is to strengthen your muscles and support your spine. An appropriate workout plan will help you maintain your body and spine in proper shape.

  • Sleep on the right mattress

It’s comfier to lie down on a soft, saggy mattress. But, it is not good for your health. So, get rid of that and bring home a firm mattress that maintains the natural shape of your spine. You can keep a pillow under your head and make it level with the spine.

The process of correcting and maintaining the right posture is not easy. But, it is essential to living a healthy life. Our physiotherapists are here to assist you throughout your recovery journey. We will make it easier for you.