Six Effective Tips to Prevent Strain on the Spine

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Strain in the spine is prevalent among various ages, thanks to the sedentary lifestyle. Read this blog to know how to prevent spine strain and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Four out of five people suffer from back pain at some point. It is in fact the second most common reason for individuals of varying ages to visit a physiotherapy clinic. From a persistent dull pain to a sudden sharp ache, back pain can take different types of forms. The good news is you can prevent back pain if you follow a healthy lifestyle. So, without further ado, let’s check out the six ways to prevent spine strain. 

  • Exercise regularly 

People often assume that it’s better to sit back and rest when your back is hurting. Yes, you must take a rest for one or two days. But, that isn’t enough. You need to get more exercise to feel better. Persistent rest can do more harm than good. Regular exercises can ease muscle tension and inflammation to a great extent. 

  • Keep a check on your weight 

Some extra pounds especially in the abdomen make back pain worse. Being overweight tends to shift your centre of gravity thereby exerting strain on your lower back. It is always better to stay within 10 pounds of your typical weight to curb back pain from an early stage. 

  • Get enough sleep 

Incorrect sleeping positions can cause excruciating back pain in the morning. So, you can talk to your physiotherapist to understand what the right sleeping position is for you. The most common sleeping position involves sleeping on the side with your knee pulled up towards your chest. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach since that can be quite hard on your back. 

  • Focus on your posture 

Incorrect posture is the second most common reason for back pain. Millennials these days barely keep a check on their posture which leads to severe pain in the back. Whether you are doing your homework or completing your assignments, pay attention to your posture. Your shoulders, buttocks, calves and the back of your head should touch the wall. The correct posture is when you can slip your hand behind the back. Maintain that posture throughout the day. 

  • Choose the right seat 

The right seat can make all the difference in your spine health. The best chairs are the ones with low-back support and a straight back. Keep the back of your chair at an angle of 110 degrees for optimum comfort. You can also use a lumbar pad or a wedge-shaped cushion for extra comfort. Keep your head up and pull in your stomach while sitting. 

  • Limit your screen time 

You may not realise it now but the overuse of laptops also causes back pain. You end up slouching over the machines for long periods of time. Outcome? You experience excruciating pain in the spine. Try limiting your screen time as much as possible even if your laptop is easy to carry around. 

Pain in the spine tends to prevent you from doing regular day-to-day activities. Do not leave it untreated. Instead, try out these techniques and meet a physiotherapist at Physiotherapy First. We have a specialised team to cure your back pain and help you live a healthy life.