Chiropractic Treatment for Scoliosis


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Scoliosis is a complex condition that curves the spine in the wrong direction. The reason is
unknown but often is associated with old age. Chiropractic treatment helps prevent the
condition from worsening, reduces back pain and boosts the recovery rate after surgery.
Though chiropractic care does not cure scoliosis, it helps you manage it and live life with
minimum limitations. So, let’s take a deeper look at the role of chiropractic treatment for

What are the Different Types of Chiropractic Treatments for Scoliosis?

Chiropractic care for scoliosis consists of manual adjustments and manipulations using a
device. There are two types of chiropractic treatments for scoliosis and both involve bones,
joints and muscles.

Traditional chiropractic treatment

The traditional approach involves putting pressure on the rib cage and spine while the
patient lies on their stomach. This, however, does little to relieve the unnatural curve of the
spine. Instead, it aggravates the muscle tension and nerves, thereby causing more pain in
the back.

Scoliosis-specific chiropractic treatment

This is the preferred option when it comes to treating scoliosis with chiropractic care. The
chiropractor applies gentle pressure to relieve the tension from the scoliotic spine. They
adjust in the spine in a different direction to stabilize it into a classic spinal curve.
Whether you want to avoid surgery or recover faster after one, scoliosis-specific chiropractic
treatment is the perfect option. The techniques focus on repositioning the affected joints and
relieving pressure on spinal joints. Your muscles need to relax during the entire procedure.
The chiropractors help with that with specific manual or soft tissue therapies.

How do Chiropractors Treat Scoliosis?

They use a precision mechanical adjusting instrument to realign the neck and other affected
joints of your body. The professional first recenter your head and restores the normal spinal
curves. They ask the patient to sit up and deliver precise and gentle forces into the neck
bones using an adjusting instrument. The forces bring the neck into a neutral position and
help manage the condition.
Besides the adjustments, chiropractors may also prescribe specific exercises to help you
recover. The exercises are usually core strength training and balance training. Here’s what
the professional considers while treating you.

1.Spinal rigidity

The chiropractors focus on the tension in your discs, spinal nerves, bones and muscles.
They apply adjustment techniques based on how rigid your spine has become due to the

2.SMI or Sensorimotor Integration

The chiropractor detects the communication between your brain and the body. They help
retrain the brain to use the spine the way it is supposed to.
Not all cases of scoliosis can be treated with chiropractic treatment. Thus, you should always
talk to the chiropractor first to know the best treatment for yourself. People often feel
confused about whether to visit a chiropractic clinic or not for scoliosis.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Brampton?

Scoliosis-specific chiropractic treatment is highly effective in treating this condition. However,
it takes an experienced professional to treat the condition without causing any side-effects. If
you are in Brampton and looking for an experienced chiropractor, visit Physiotherapy First
for a thorough consultation.

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