Do Chiropractors Really Crack Your Back?


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Chiropractors are spine specialists and not the ones who “crack bones”. Yes, a popping
sound is quite common when they adjust the misaligned bones. But, that isn’t as intimidating
as it seems. The sound occurs due to an air bubble that forms during the alignment. It has
nothing to do with cracking bones or anything of that sort! There’s nothing to worry about
before your first visit to the chiropractic clinic. Here’s a detailed overview of what happens
when a chiropractor “cracks your back”.

What Exactly Happens When Chiropractors Crack Your Back?

Chiropractors do very little to your bones. Rather, they focus on your joints, which connect
two bones and allow free movement in different directions. There are joints everywhere in
our body from the neck, and shoulders to the knees and even toes. Each of them consists of
a fluid-filled connective tissue capsule, which helps the joints glide smoothly.

Chiropractors apply a controlled force to the affected joints to restore their original alignment.
The process is also known as gapping the joint. The force builds up pressure within the joint
capsule and forms an air bubble during the adjustment. This air bubble causes the ‘cracking
sound’ and eventually dissolves into the synovial fluid.

Yes! The horrifying crack that you hear about related to chiropractic visits is nothing but a
mere formation of an air bubble.

How Does It Feel After Chiropractic Adjustments?

It feels relaxed after chiropractic adjustments. The procedure may seem intimidating. But,
the after-effects have always been positive, as per research.

Joint problems can occur due to age, injuries or overuse. Once the joint is hurt, it sends
signals to the brain which then commands the surrounding muscles to contract and protect
the joint. That explains the stiffness you feel in the muscles around the affected joints.
A chiropractor uses manual adjustment techniques to put the joints in their right alignment
and let them move freely in different directions. Once the joint gap is bridged, the joint
capsule sends signals to the brain that it needs no further protection and that the muscles
can relax.

All in all, you feel reduced pain in your joints. Most importantly, you can move the joints
comfortably. You can expect to feel relaxed and pain-free to a significant extent right after
the first session.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments?

People are often confused about whether to visit a physiotherapy or chiropractic clinic. The
latter is the best option for joint and spine problems. Check out some of the most popular
benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

Reduced pain- The central nervous system loses its calm when any of our joints do not
function the way they are supposed to. It becomes extra sensitive to pain. But, chiropractic
adjustments restore the normal functioning of the joints, thereby reducing pain.
Better range of motion- It becomes easier to move the joints after the adjustments.

Improved muscle contraction- The procedure improves the maximum contraction of
voluntary muscles. Thus, it also prevents further injury.
At Physiotherapy First, we guide you through the pros and cons of each adjustment before
beginning the chiropractic treatment. Feel free to share your health concerns with one of the
best chiropractic clinics in Brampton. We will let you know how our chiropractors can help
you out.

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