Effects of E-Stim Therapy on Your Back Muscles | Benefits of E-Stim Therapy

Effects of E-Stim Therapy on Your Back Muscles | Benefits of E-Stim Therapy

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Back pain is something everyone (well, almost) can relate to. You may have hurt your back while lifting something heavy inaccurately, or the sleeping posture might have caused the pain. From painkillers to hot baths, you try everything to control the pain but in vain. This is where e-stim therapy comes into play.

You may have already heard about it at physiotherapy clinics but aren’t sure if it is right for your back muscles. Thus, this blog shows how e-stim therapy works on your back muscles and releases pain.

But, before that…

Let’s understand what e-stim therapy exactly is.

What is E-Stim Therapy? 

E-stim, or electrical muscle stimulation, is a physical therapy modality that helps the affected muscles contract. The therapy uses electrical pulses which mimic the nerve signals coming from the brain to manipulate the affected muscles to contract. The affected muscles release tension and improve blood flow during contraction. The physical therapist would know how many sessions you need for complete recovery.

There are two types of e-stim- TENS and EMS. Both serve the same purpose of helping your muscles contract. Now that you know what e-stim therapy is, let’s proceed to our main topic of concern.

How does E-Stim Therapy Work on your Back Muscles? 

The physical therapist conducts a thorough medical examination to detect the exact areas of pain. Once they find out the source and severity of the pain, the therapists begin the treatment.

The therapist uses an electrical muscle stimulation device during the treatment. This device generates electric impulses once the therapist activates the button.

The therapist attaches electrode pads to the affected areas and activates the device. The device then sends electrical impulses to the region, causing the muscles to contract. You get rid of pain and discomfort eventually as your muscles contract.

What Else Can E-Stim Therapy Help With? 

E-stim therapy brings relief to pain in the back muscles. But that’s not all. You can get the therapy in the following conditions as well:

1.A torn Achilles tendon E-stim therapy is beneficial if you have torn your Achilles tendon or the ankle is immobilized due to an injury.

2.A neuromuscular disorder You can choose e-stim therapy if your muscles have weakened due to any reason.

3. Shoulder injuryE-stim therapy can help you recover from a shoulder injury efficiently.

Visit a physiotherapy clinic near you to find out if this therapy is right for your condition.

What are the Effects of E-Stim Therapy?

Whether you get e-stim therapy for back pain or neck pain, it causes a repetitive contraction and relaxing of your muscles. Here are the three key effects of this therapy that make it highly effective:

  • Trains muscle fibres to become familiar with certain response patterns
  • Improves muscular strength
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Delays muscle atrophy


Final Thoughts, 

Muscle contraction plays a great role in releasing tension and relieving pain. The e-stim therapy makes the affected muscles contract through electrical impulses when they are injured. You can always speak to a certified physiotherapist to learn more about the therapy.

Looking for a Reliable E-Stim Therapist in Brampton? 

Physiotherapy First provides efficient and effective e-stim therapy based on your condition. The therapist conducts a medical exam to pinpoint the main areas of concern and prepares the therapy sessions accordingly. Schedule your appointment today to know if e-stim therapy is suitable for you.