What are Acupuncture Points?

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Acupuncture points are the main trigger points for specific organs. These are present along the 14 meridians or channels that are believed to carry energy throughout the body. Acupuncture is the part of traditional Chinese medicine. The concept behind it is that the consistent flow of energy along the meridians in your body is responsible for your overall health and well-being. Health problems arise when this flow of energy is obstructed due to any reason. 

There are at least 2000 trigger points in our body. An experienced acupuncturist detects the specific ones that are causing blockages or imbalances in the energy flow path. Let’s study in-depth the various acupuncture points present and the vital organs they are connected to. 

How Many Acupuncture Points Are There?

There are multiple points present along the 14 meridian channels. Each channel has a specific number and meaning in terms of acupuncture points. In Western medicine, it is quite similar to the circulatory system. 

14 meridians or channels with their specific numbers 

  1. Lung – 1
  2. Large Intestine – 20 
  3. Stomach – 45
  4. Kidney – 27
  5. Pericardium – 9 
  6. Spleen – 21
  7. Small intestine – 19 
  8. Heart – 9 
  9. Liver – 14
  10. Triple energizer – 23 
  11. Conception Vessel – 24 
  12. Gallbladder – 44
  13. Governing vessel – 28
  14. Conception Vessel – 24 

Each meridian consists of several points. And each point can treat a wide array of disorders.

WHO brought forth A Proposed Standard International Acupuncture Nomenclature Report in 1991. It identifies 361 acupuncture points. 

It later identified eight extra meridians. 48 acupuncture points and some additional points in the scalp.  

What are the Common Trigger Points?

Here are some common trigger points along the meridians. 

Channel with its specific number Acupuncture Point LocationWhat does it treat? 
Liver (LV3)Top of the foot; between first and second toes Headaches, high blood pressure, balances emotional energy 
Stomach (ST36)Below the knee; front of the legImmune deficiency, digestive disorders and fatigue 
Kidney (KI3)Behind the inner ankle Sore throat, asthma, lower back pain and insomnia 
Spleen (SP6)The inner side of the leg above the ankle Hormonal, immune and digestive disorders 
Governing vessel (GV20)Top of the headEar and nasal disorders, vertigo and mental problems 
Large intestine (LI4)The back side of the hand; between the first finger and thumb Activates the immune system and reduces pain 
Conception vessel (CV12)Midway between the navel and breastbone Regulates intestines and treats digestive disorders 
Conception vessel (CV6)About 1.5 inches below the navel Problems in the lower abdomen 

How do These Points Work?

Once the acupuncturist identifies the trigger points responsible for your pain or illness, they insert the needle into those points. This stimulates the natural healing response of your body and causes the brain to release pain-relieving hormones. 

Whether you are suffering from back pain or headaches, acupuncture can help you find relief when other treatments seem to fail. If you are in Brampton and looking for acupuncture therapy, talk to our experts. We will guide you thoroughly.

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