Text Neck Pain | Five Effective Remedies for Quick Recovery

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Physiotherapists and chiropractors embrace two types of approaches to treating text neck pain. The approaches are:

  • Improvement of postural habits while using mobile devices
  • Stretches and exercises to boost the strength and flexibility of the neck

You can take care of your postural habits if you stay alert whenever you are slouching or bending your head forwards to look at your phones. Let’s check out the treatment options involved in both approaches for relieving text neck pain.

Five Effective Ways to Relieve Text Neck Pain

Text neck pain can make it almost impossible to do daily activities. You need to focus on strengthening and stretching your muscles to deal with the annoying text neck pain. Thus, according to world-class chiropractors and physiotherapists, here are five key remedies to relieve the excruciating text neck pain.

  1. Downward-facing dog

The chest wall and shoulders often tend to get rounded and tightened due to excessive usage of mobile devices. So, this exercise opens the anterior chest wall and shoulders. Doing this exercise daily strengthens your upper body. That means, if you lack shoulder strength, you may have to compensate by scrunching the shoulders to the ears. Draw your shoulder blades actively down your back thereby creating space in the back.

  1. Cat-Cow

This exercise nurtures your core and pelvis and increases spinal awareness. It involves two parts:

  • You create an anterior tilt to the pelvis to make the tailbone face the ceiling as you inhale.
  • Similarly, as you exhale, you create a posterior tilt to make the tailbone turn towards the ground.

The movement corrects your spinal alignment. And spinal alignment determines how perfect your posture is.

  1. Exaggerated nod

You can counterbalance the forward or downward head position through this exercise. It involves gradual pulling of shoulders down and back. Practise this one constantly to increase neck mobility. You can sit at your desk or stand comfortably with your mouth closed and teeth just touching. Look up to the ceiling. Let the jaw relax and open your mouth. Try to bring your head back an inch. Then close your mouth while still in that position.

  1. Chin tuck

Though a simple exercise, still it can do wonders for your neck mobility. Whether you are at the office or stuck in traffic, you can do chin tuck hassle-free. This stretching exercise increases spinal awareness. Do it consistently to strengthen your neck muscles and pull your head back into proper alignment.

  1. Physical exercise programs (Specifically for text neck pain)

Physiotherapists are the right professionals to design relevant and effective stretching and strengthening exercises according to your specific needs. You need to visit physiotherapy clinics to make the most of the physical exercise programs. The physiotherapist examines your condition and recommends a suitable treatment accordingly.

With the increased usage of mobile devices every day, it is needless to say that everyone may experience text neck pain at some point. Do not panic or ignore the problem initially. Identify the early symptoms and consult with a professional for immediate treatment.

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