How Can You Avoid Getting Text Neck

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Mobile addiction is nothing new these days. From teenagers to even senior citizens, about 90% of the world’s population spends the maximum of their time on smartphones. Whether you are on your to work or relaxing at home, you are most likely to look down on your laptops, phones or tablets. And this causes ongoing neck pain or which is also known as text neck.

Five Tips To Avoid Getting Text Neck

The pain worsens when you hold this tilted, head-forwarding posture for a long time. It is possible to prevent the pain from worsening. So, let’s check out the five most effective ways to prevent text neck pain.

  1. Raise your mobile screen higher

If you don’t look down at your phone, chances are you can prevent the text neck condition to a great extent. It is always suggested to keep the phone at eye level, so you don’t have to look up or down to operate the phone. You can elevate the device or keep your elbows on the tabletop if your arms get tired by holding the phone for too long. You will also find phone holders these days. So purchase one and use it to keep the device at eye level.

  1. Take frequent breaks

Working constantly at desks can cause text neck pain. Try to take breaks every half an hour for five minutes. It is common to forget this regime or make frequent breaks a habit. But you must try to avoid the excruciating text neck pain. You can also try out stretching exercises during the breaks to relieve the stress caused while working. Tuck your chin down. Slowly raise the chin upward after counting to 10. Gently turn the head over your shoulder, followed by the same posture on the other side.

  1. Exercise daily

Daily exercises strengthen your back, neck and spine. And this is exactly what you need to prevent text neck pain. Checking your Instagram feed or Facebook posts isn’t going to keep you healthy. But, daily exercises will. Try to keep yourself active through endurance sports or low-impact team sports. You can consult with professional physiotherapists and chiropractors to know which exercises you should follow.

  1. Focus on strengthening your muscles

Strengthening exercises support the weight of your head, thereby minimizing the strain on your cervical spine. Opt for exercises that work on your abdomen and lower back. These parts play an integral role in supporting your upper body.

  1. Do not avoid the early symptoms

The early symptoms of pain are the warning sign. The more delay you do in visiting a physiotherapy clinic, the worse your pain gets eventually. Do not waste time if you feel pain or discomfort between the shoulder blades. The other early symptoms include frequent headaches or numbness in the arms. Act as soon as you experience these signs. Visit the nearest physiotherapists for quick recovery.

Text neck pain is very common these days, especially due to the increased dependency on mobile devices. But, you shouldn’t take this pain for granted. It can cause severe consequences if you don’t treat it at the right time.

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