Physiotherapy for Headaches and Migraine


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Headache is one of the most annoying diseases that can divert your focus and affect your overall personality. Not necessarily every headache has underlying illnesses, but some may have potential root causes such as neck or back strain, depression, lifestyle, and posture. Thus, it is better to get physiotherapy for headaches and migraine for quick recovery.

As per a report, around 8.3% of the Canadian population suffers from moderate to severe headaches due to several conditions such as migraine, anxiety, etc.

Physiotherapy for headaches is the most effective treatment to recover permanently without any side effects.

Do you want to know more about how to get rid of your headache? This is the right place where you will get the best solution.

Respective Methods of Physiotherapy for Headaches and Migraine 

Medical analysts classified two categories of headaches. All of the common types of headaches fall into the primary category.

Besides mainstream treatment physiotherapy has a proven track record to recover and uproot causes of headaches. Here are some therapies under physiotherapy for headaches and migraine.

  • Migraine

Migraine is a common neurological disease, caused due to depression, sensory stimuli like bright flashing lights, alcohol, stressful workplace, or caffeine.

If you rely on temporary solutions such as medicines, this is time to take the plunge and resort to physiotherapy for headaches.

Physiotherapists provide effective hands-on massage on the soft tissue of the neck and head region to release the tension causing a migraine.

  • Anxiety Headache

In anxious headaches, you may suffer from a tight band sensation in the front, back, or side of your head that may last up to several hours. In anxiety, the brain stops producing serotonin responsible for happiness and relaxation.

With deep tissue massage and manipulation of nerves, physiotherapy for headaches can help you to recover. Simultaneously, you can have better blood circulation and proper nutrients flow, which promotes neural health.

  • Cervicogenic Headache

Sleeping position, bad posture, or whiplash injury can be the principal cause of this neurologic condition. Patients with cervicogenic headaches have mild aches in the neck, which surge towards the back of the head.

A physiotherapist reduces your muscle tension with proper manipulation and massage for the fastest recovery Moreover, therapies and exercises improve your sleep, appetite, and posture to augment the result.

Apart from the types mentioned above, there are other secondary headaches that you may have suffered.

What are the Secondary Headaches and Their Physiotherapy Approaches?

Secondary types of headaches are as follows:

  • Headaches for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Chiropractic treatment can relieve this type of headache after a vehicle accident.

  • Allergic or Sinus Headache

If you have a sinus or allergy to a particular particle, this type of pain can appear. Ultrasound wave therapy and manual massage can be great relievers.

  • Hormone Headache

Using birth control pills can cause estrogen imbalance, leading to a headache. Taking a therapeutic massage may ease your pain.

How do We Diagnose and Treat Our Patients?

When you visit our clinic, always keep your history or medical reports along with you. This will help our therapist to analyze your condition and provide you with the best care.

We offer various diagnostic tests to better assess the severity of the illness and provide treatment only after diagnosing the actual reason.

In general, we advise our patients to take 6-10 weeks of sessions for headaches. However, some patients recover even before the prescribed time with physiotherapy for headaches.

Apart from regular sessions, we also periodically provide maintenance sessions to check the recovery rate. For a long-lasting relief from your pain, choose physiotherapy for headaches at .

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