Should I Use A Body Pillow At Night When I Sleep?


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Is it right to use a pillow when sleeping? Most people have this question, especially when they are about to buy one. The general answer to this queen is yes. Pillows are a great addition to our lifestyle and help us in several aspects, including the ones discussed below.

Good for Sciatica

Sciatica refers to body pain that scatters along the sciatic nerve, branching from your lower through your hips, buttocks, and sometimes down to your legs. Changing postures like sleeping, bending, and standing are the significant triggers of this pain.

When it becomes more severe, it may be difficult for you to move or change your postures at all.  The best-known remedies for sciatic pain are painkillers and physical therapy. But you can always supplement that by sleeping the right way.  You can use a body pillow for maximum support as your sleep to help you with this.

They Help With Back Pain

Back pains can originate from various causes, from fatigue to wrong sleeping posture. In most cases, these pains associate with conditions such as osteoporosis, ligament strain, and skeletal irregularities.

One of the several benefits of physiotherapy is that it helps you manage such conditions. But even with that, it would be best to prevent or manage conditions with lifestyle change. Such changes may include how you work out, how you sleep at night, and how you sit.

Most physiotherapists recommend body pillows, especially u-shaped pillows. They have two sides, one that support your spine and the other that positions your legs correctly to prevent back pains. Mattress toppers are also a perfect choice to hold your back and relieve you from back pain.

Helpful During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes ranging from an enlarged uterus, growing belly, and weight gain. These changes often come with body aches and discomfort that alter how they position their bodies to manage the pregnancy and protect the unborn child.

Body pillows come in handy in this stage of life. It provides an excellent sleeping posture, provides comfort, relieves pain, and protects the belly. There are certain types of body pillows used during pregnancy that your physiotherapist may recommend for your case.

Body Pillows Help in Weight Distribution and Deep Relaxation

Body pillows allow the body to have evenly distributed the weight of the limbs. It leads to relaxation of the entire body and improves respiration during our sleep. It boosts proper blood flow and oxygenation to the body cells and tissue

Blood circulation is essential in keeping us healthy and fighting conditions such as varicose veins and cellulite.

Help Relieve Hip Pains.

Sleeping on one’s side is the best position. But as you do that, one leg goes over the other, meaning that you have maximum support on the lower leg and not for the other upper one. The pressure on the upper limb causes hip pains and sometimes leads to arthritis.

Placing a body pillow between your legs as you sleep provides the necessary support for the upper limbs. The best choice for such instances is the simple rectangular pillows with no curves.

While using body pillows seems to have many advantages, picking the wrong type may harm your body. It may interfere with the quality of your sleep and course pain. We recommend that you get recommendations from your physiotherapist before you decide what body pillow to use. You can always consult with Physiotherapy First Brampton for the best directions on that.

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